Kaizen® uPVC

Kaizen uPVC ASTM-D pipes and fitting are an innovatively designed piping system. It has an array of advantages which promise low thermal conductivity, fire resistance chemical and corrosion free pipes. They are strong, durable, long-lasting and cost-effective than other material. Also resistant to weathering environmental impact, shock and abrasion.
Tee Elbow, Coupler, MTA, FTA., End Cap, Union, Brass Tee, Brass Elbow, Brass MTA, Brass FTA, Tank Nipple, Reducer, Coupler, Reducer Bush, Reducer Tee, Red Brass Elbow, Red Brass Tee
As per ASTM D2467 (SCH80)
Range: 1/2 to 2 inch || Color: White

Salient Features and Applications

UV-Stabilized (No sunrays and weather effect)

Robust product quality keeps your product intact in most extreme weather condition and stays unaffected by sunrays and low temperature.

Excellent corrosion & chemical resistance

Kaizen pipes are inert to chemicals and thus remains corrosion free for years without degrading and compromising quality.

Lightweight, easy and fast installation

Products are very lightweight so it is super easy to transport, install and handle product without any difficulties.

Unaffected by termites, fungus or bacteria

Beside having corrosion-free properties, it also remains unaffected by fungus, bacteria and termites, having all these benefits using Kaizen pipes reduces the cost of cleaning and maintenance.

Longer life

Kaizen pipes are designed to last for years without degrading quality or losing functionality. you can count on our years of experience in manufacturing and excellent quality control department.

Unique self-extinguishing quality

Our uPVC products can handle fire hazards due to its Unique self-extinguishing quality that eliminates the need for fire-resistant coating.

  • UV-Stabilized (No sunrays and weather effect)
  • An assured supply of clean & hygienic water.
  • Economical/Low operating & maintenance cost.
  • Lightweight, easy and fast installation.
  • No root penetration.
  • No deposition, No reduction in bore size.
  • Mirror smooth inside ensure high flow rates.
  • Excellent corrosion & chemical resistance.
  • Unique self-extinguishing quality eliminates the need for fire-resistant coating.
  • Unaffected by termites, fungus or bacteria.
  • Non Conductor of electricity and low thermal conductivity.
  • No galvanic action with CP and other fittings.
  • Longer life
  • Well accepted by the construction industry in India & abroad

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